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BLOG Advertising is increasingly becoming popular because of the huge traffic generated by bloggers as they share and connect online. Our new BLOG, EL Travelogue, is presenting such an opportunity. We have developed two banner sizes for this space that our potential advertisers can take advantage of.

Our state-of-the-art banner rotation software, handles the back-end to ensure your products are visible to all who visit our blog. You can maximise your online presence by increasing your advert display frequency.

Place your advert for a month or more and get very competitive discounts.

We can also provide professional graphics design services for your online advertising campaigns at reasonable rates as follows:

  • Static graphics (US$ 30.00)
  • Animated gifs (US$ 50.00)
  • Flash animations (US$ 70.00)

To find out more on how you can participate as well as prices we offer, visit our Blog Marketing pages

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6 Responses to Advertise

  1. juliet says:

    I would like to have my hotel included among hotels available not only in Nanyuki but also country wide and also globally. Please advise on how to go about it. The world has become digital.

    • Enchanted Landscapes Traveller says:

      Hi Juliet. Are you looking at Blog advertising or you are open to our other platforms? We have a monthly enewsletter (they call them eZines nowadays) where you can place banner ads to connect with our subscribers. There is also the main website at where our state-of-the-art banner ad manager thematically zones the ads so your advert only shows up in relevant pages. We have introduced a coupon system for promotional campaigns where visitors can redeem discount coupons directly from our site which they present to any of your hotels to claim the displayed discount. We also have an innovative advertising concept we are calling Mapify. You notice that each of our landscapes pages has an interactive GoogleMap so if your hotel is near any of those landscapes, we could add a pin to that landscape’s GoogleMap so that as people look at the landscape information, they can also see your hotel and get ideas for nearby accommodation. Do let us know which product you prefer so we can take it from there. You can also visit our Marketing pages for more details and pricing.

  2. Violet Kwamboka says:

    Please send me your advertising rate card.

  3. Judith says:

    I like your content. You are right soon all business will require the Internet for marketing their products. Who needs expensive 1-day ads in newspapers that expire in less than 8 hours or over-sized billboards that have very limited visibility (normally on highways where vehicles are cruising at high speeds barely affording drivers a chance to digest the message let alone the risk of an accident!) when you can advertise for longer periods online and coupled with hi-tec banner management like i have seen you have, deliver greater value to clients through traffic statistics of how many people viewed those ads, how many clicked and so on?

    • Thank you Judith – that was quite an insightful analysis. True it is only a matter of time before this becomes the only platform of choice for advertising – or perhaps the strongest because surely we have not seen the last of mainstream traditional advertising platforms like billboards, print and so on. But even these will have to do some serious re-engineering to remain afloat. Digital billboards are here!

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