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Fischer’s Tower

Fischer’s Tower is a 25 metres (75 ft) high rocky tower named after German explorer, Gustav Fischer, who reached the tower in 1882. The tower is formed by semi-molten rock that is forced through a fissure, cooling and solidifying as … Continue reading

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Kit Mikaye – The Rock of ‘The First Wife’

Kit Mikaye is said to be the rock where Mikaye (which means, literally, “the first wife”), the mother of the Luo tribe, sheltered herself after a long journey down the Nile. There are many spectacular rock formations which abound with … Continue reading

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The Legend of Nyamgondho Lives On

The legend of Nyamgondho is quite an old one. It centres around a poor fisherman from Kamuela in Tanzania who came to sojourn in Kachwodho clan in Nyandiwa next to the present Nyandiwa fishing beach. His name was Julu son … Continue reading

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The Most Photographed House in Africa

Designed by Alan Donovan, founder of the African Heritage galleries, the house is a combination of architectural styles from across the continent. The interiors are just as fascinating, decorated with crafts, weaponry, textiles, art and wood from various parts of … Continue reading

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The Rock That Changes Your Gender!

The Nzambani rock – Ivya ya Nzambani – is quite a popular scenic attraction in Kitui District. What makes this rock unique is the story behind it that has been passed along from one generation to another. The overnight “noises” … Continue reading

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The Tallest Waterfalls in Kenya

The Karura falls drop down 272 metres opposite Gura Falls. The two waterfalls, Gura and Karura, are situated across the valley from one another, both are said to be three-tiered waterfalls, and both have been claimed to be the tallest … Continue reading

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Harry Kimani’s Music Profile is Now on Enchanted Landscapes

Harry Kimani grew up with music, teaching himself to play the guitar by watching an older brother perform. He attended Kirangari High School in Nairobi, where he already showed a great interest in music; he sang, composed songs, participated in … Continue reading

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