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The Monastery With The Bible on The Ground

I have written a lot about Nanyuki town and the reason for this bias is because this happens to be my home town, the place I spent my childhood in and perhaps the place I stayed the longest in my … Continue reading

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The Day We Had a Nasty Biting Encounter

The holidays come with a lot of excitements and impulses. We do things we might not normally do in our right minds. It might be because of too much adrenaline pumped in our already hyped up bodies. But this is … Continue reading

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The Bones Of Christmas Past

During the Christmas holidays, I did my share of travelling. I went to various places and met various interesting people. The experience of travelling to these places was exquisite but what got my blood boiling was what I found in the outskirts of Kitengela. A valley of animal bones so clean they seemed to have been there for quite some time. Continue reading

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Only In Kenya: A Parking Lot That Transforms Into A Skating Rig

They say Nairobi is always buzzing with activity. Hard working men and women walk its streets creating a harmonious melody in the air. Its beauty is outstanding; the elegantly designed buildings, the ever green and breathtaking leisure parks, its friendly … Continue reading

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‘Aerial Rangers’ To The Rescue of White Rhinos

From the recent spate of deaths in the wild, it would seem the war against poaching is far from over – even after numerous measures including a wildlife analytic tool kit by the International Consortium on Combating Wildlife Crime (ICCWC) to help fight poaching, a new state of the art forensic laboratory by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and the training of an additional 4,900 KWS rangers to increase park coverage have been put in place. Continue reading

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A World-class Dental Clinic in The Heart of Maasailand

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that the best dental care I could ever get would come from the wildest of places in Kenya. Continue reading

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‘Am I Lost’ – Lesser Flamingo Photographed In The Maasai Mara

The year 2012 ended on a rather bizarre note in the Maasai Mara when a rare guest showed up unannounced in this vast savannah wilderness. It was a Lesser flamingo! Need I remind you that it is not every day … Continue reading

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