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Imagine a Game Drive of Prehistoric Animals – Can Science Make It Possible?

Many of you no doubt must have heard the story Dolly the sheep – it was the world’s first cloned mammal, just in case that may have skipped your otherwise keen eye. That was back in 1996 and since then … Continue reading

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New Scientific Evidence Shows Man Eaters of Tsavo Did Not Eat 135 Humans

The month was March and the year was 1898. The British, led by Lt. Col. John Henry Patterson, had just begun building the railway bridge over the Tsavo River in Kenya when two mane-less lions, that have become the substance … Continue reading

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Where Does All The Luggage Lost At The Airport Go?

Air travel is largely regarded as the safest mode of transport when it comes to the safety and care of passenger luggage. Rarely will you hear cases of luggage loss, especially among the reputable brand names in the industry. That … Continue reading

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