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A Rare Visitor is Coming to Kenya: The FIFA World Cup Trophy

The FIFA World Cup Trophy heralded as the world’s most coveted trophy will soon be making a very rare visit to Kenya when it arrives in the country on the 27th of November, 2013 courtesy of beverage giant, Coca-Cola. Kenya … Continue reading

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Kenyan Flag Among 50 Most Beautiful in the World

Each time our beautiful Kenyan flag is hoisted up that pole because one of our great athletes has won a most coveted medal or during a national event, I cannot help but admire this multi-coloured symbol of our origin, identity … Continue reading

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FIRST Online Travel Agency in Kenya Now Launches Affiliate Programme, Kenya’s first full-service online travel agency, recently hosted an event at the Best Western Premier Hotel in Nairobi aimed at introducing their Affiliate Programme to some of the country’s top websites. Attendees included Nation Digital, Ghafla, Ticketsasa, Safari Desk, … Continue reading

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43 Countries Kenyans Do Not Need A Visa To Travel To

Frequent Kenyan travellers have more reason to smile because they now can travel to 43 countries in the world without requiring a Visa. Britain still tops the list with the ability of her citizens to travel to 166 countries without … Continue reading

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Only In Kenya: A Parking Lot That Transforms Into A Skating Rig

They say Nairobi is always buzzing with activity. Hard working men and women walk its streets creating a harmonious melody in the air. Its beauty is outstanding; the elegantly designed buildings, the ever green and breathtaking leisure parks, its friendly … Continue reading

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‘Aerial Rangers’ To The Rescue of White Rhinos

From the recent spate of deaths in the wild, it would seem the war against poaching is far from over – even after numerous measures including a wildlife analytic tool kit by the International Consortium on Combating Wildlife Crime (ICCWC) to help fight poaching, a new state of the art forensic laboratory by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and the training of an additional 4,900 KWS rangers to increase park coverage have been put in place. Continue reading

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