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Read stories of travellers who have visited various places in Kenya and have shared their opinions, tips that can help you plan your virgin or next Kenyan trip better

Why Go Elsewhere When You Can View The Total Solar Eclipse Right Here In Kenya

For all you lovers of eclipses, you had better start packing and head to Africa before November 3, 2013 when a total solar eclipse will pass over equatorial Gabon in Western Africa Congo, Uganda, Kenya and finally Ethiopia. Sibiloi National … Continue reading

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From Eldoret With Love: The End of A Traveller’s Trilogy

My last destination, before heading back to Nairobi after a 12-day round trip that began in Kisumu and later in Kakamega (read my Kisumu and Kakamega posts), was the small town of Nyaru in Elgeyo Marakwet County, about 45km from … Continue reading

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While Vising Kakamega, I Discovered How The Town Got its Name

Phase two of my road trip landed me in the port town of Kakamega, about 52km north of Kisumu city. I had just finished a 5-day stay in Kisumu (read my Kisumu story here) where I had a chance to … Continue reading

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15 Years Down The Line, Kisumu City Offers A Whole New Travel Experience

I have been on a long road trip these last few days moving from Nairobi to Eldoret through Narok, Kisumu and Kakamega. For some towns like Kisumu, I was coming back after a whooping fifteen years! It was a lot … Continue reading

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3 Photo Ideas To Consider While Staying in Nairobi

As I came to the end of my Kenyan adventure, I decided to crown it all with a bit of a city tour, checking out places around Nairobi I had heard so much about. I was not disappointed. In this … Continue reading

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Exploring The Caves of Mount Suswa Can Be Fun With The Right Guide

Mount Suswa located about 60 km from Nairobi, at the heart of Maasai land in Narok, presents a very mild hiking challenge not because it is a meek mountain but because most of the organised tours only go as far … Continue reading

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