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At The Karen Blixen Museum Lies A Piece of Ancient Groundbreaking Technology

When I first saw the old, blue 1922 Fordson model F tractor at the Karen Blixen Museum, I was awe-struck by the very thought that such a legendary piece of technology had somehow found its way in to Kenya at … Continue reading

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Imagine a Game Drive of Prehistoric Animals – Can Science Make It Possible?

Many of you no doubt must have heard the story Dolly the sheep – it was the world’s first cloned mammal, just in case that may have skipped your otherwise keen eye. That was back in 1996 and since then … Continue reading

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‘Aerial Rangers’ To The Rescue of White Rhinos

From the recent spate of deaths in the wild, it would seem the war against poaching is far from over – even after numerous measures including a wildlife analytic tool kit by the International Consortium on Combating Wildlife Crime (ICCWC) to help fight poaching, a new state of the art forensic laboratory by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and the training of an additional 4,900 KWS rangers to increase park coverage have been put in place. Continue reading

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What New Gizmo Will You Be Carrying On Your Next Safari?

The gadget market is as vibrant as ever and the craze for the cutting edge continues to fuel the technology hype. The travel and tourism industry has, of course, not been left out. There are a number of ground-breaking innovations … Continue reading

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3 New Travel Business Ideas You Cannot Afford To Miss Out On

The travel world is not without its share of brilliant, almost crazy, downright hilarious business concepts all geared towards satisfying an ever complex traveller and the web just happens to be that one medium to drive the limitless possibilities for … Continue reading

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Travel Information On Kenya Will Soon Be Accessible From Your Smartphone – Says Yellow Pages

The Yellow Pages Kenya Ltd has joined the mobile app revolution with their new travellers’ software that allows tourists to search and access basic information about places of interest on their smartphones. The software, running on the Android operating system, … Continue reading

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