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Why Go Elsewhere When You Can View The Total Solar Eclipse Right Here In Kenya

For all you lovers of eclipses, you had better start packing and head to Africa before November 3, 2013 when a total solar eclipse will pass over equatorial Gabon in Western Africa Congo, Uganda, Kenya and finally Ethiopia. Sibiloi National … Continue reading

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Could It Be That Dinosaurs Once Lived In Kenya?

The story of Kenya as the cradle of civilization is told so often in so many places. Indeed the idea that Kenya holds the secret to the origins of man from an evolutionary perspective is no longer contested. But how … Continue reading

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Hand Axes Unearthed in Lake Turkana May Be The Oldest Advanced Stone Tools Used By Early Man

It was only 2 days ago when we published here an article on an archaeological finding that has challenged half a century of palaeontological theory on Nutcracker Man’s main diet. Now in another rare and historical finding in Kenya’s Kokiselei … Continue reading

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Let’s All Head to Loiyangalani For The Fourth Lake Turkana Festival

The National Museums of Kenya in collaboration with the German Embassy, and other partners, will team up for the 4th edition of the Lake Turkana Festival to be held in Loiyangalani from 13th -15th May 2011. The first such festival … Continue reading

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