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Believe it or not, the Queen of the Jungle Posed For Me

My plan was to spend the weekend in the Maasai Mara Game Reserve, my abode, the tented Kimana Mara Camp. For me, this was not the first time to be in the park. I had been here before during the … Continue reading

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Reversed Roles In The Wild: What If The Hunter Became The Hunted?

When you look at the tame and wild animals we have today, we think of the carnivores as the most horrifying and scary of these animals. The herbivores are considered dangerous if provoked. They do not actually hunt you down … Continue reading

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The Day We Were Held Hostage By a Lion Cub

Picture this for a second, being held hostage by a lion cub. Yeah, as crazy as it sounds this actually happened. A couple of friends and I took a game drive to the Nairobi National Park with the aim of … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Kenya Remains A Top Holiday Destination In Africa

The country’s amazing landscapes, breathtaking wildlife and a wide variety of cultures, are indeed why many tourists prefer Kenya as their dream vacation spot. Safari adventures to this East African country, are guaranteed to make the whole experience so captivating, … Continue reading

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