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3 Photo Ideas To Consider While Staying in Nairobi

As I came to the end of my Kenyan adventure, I decided to crown it all with a bit of a city tour, checking out places around Nairobi I had heard so much about. I was not disappointed. In this … Continue reading

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The Last Dinosaur Standing

It is nearly a year now since we carried a rather interesting story on this Travelogue about the possibility that Dinosaurs may have roamed the terrain we now call Kenya. History books tell us that an event in history wiped … Continue reading

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Escaping From the Jaws of a Nile Crocodile: Things You Must Know

The Nile crocodile is a ferocious killing machine regarded as the largest crocodilian in Africa and only the second largest crocodilian after the saltwater crocodile. The male crocodile can measure up to 11.5 sometimes 16 feet long (3.5 to 5 … Continue reading

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