10 Kenyan Safari Ideas You Need To Try Out Before You Hit 40

Our selection of the 10 places we think you need to visit before you hit 40

Our selection of the 10 places we think you need to visit before you hit 40

Here are 10 Kenyan safari ideas you need to try out before you hit 40.

Watching The Great Migration

Renowned as Africa’s greatest wildlife spectacle, the Great Migration is an extraordinary natural phenomenon involving the largest animal herd on the planet. More than 2 million wildebeest move in an endless pattern across the open plains of the Serengeti and into the savannah grasslands of the Maasai Mara in search of pasture. The thundering hooves of the herds and the enormous clouds of fine red dust they leave in their wake have become an icon of East African safari.

Climbing Africa’s Second Tallest Mountain

Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa. Even though Mount Kilimanjaro takes centre-stage as the tallest in Africa, Mount Kenya is the one that gives most trekkers the sort of kick one looks for in a  mountain climb. An ancient dormant volcano, its flanks have been shaped and moulded to dramatic affect by glaciation.

If you cannot reach Batian, the highest point, you are welcome to settle for the more popular Point Lenana which is the third highest peak. Point John and some of the other subsidiary peaks also offer good rock climbing routes.

Snorkelling In The Coastal Town of Malindi

The coral reefs along the Kenyan coast offer spectacular snorkelling opportunities. Here, you can gently glide through the warm, crystal clear water of the Indian Ocean as you enjoy a multitude of aquatic life.

The best times for snorkelling are usually early in the morning, at around 8am or later at around 3pm but these times may vary depending on the tides and the season so it’s best to ask around before venturing out.

Mountain Biking in Hell’s Gate National Park

Disregarding the line-up of second-hand bikes for hire that make this otherwise amazing national park in Naivasha look like a scrapyard, picture yourself instead peddling into the uncharted wilderness where the opportunity to spot one of the famous BIG FIVE right from the saddle of your bike is nearly 60%. Would that not be a priceless experience?

Visit Ancient Stone Enclosures of Thimlich Ohinga

The 500-year-old prehistoric site of Thimlich Ohinga is a rare, early example of defensive savannah architecture. Similar in construction to the ruins of Great Zimbabwe, the enclosures of Thimlich Ohinga were quite common in the lake region. Both early (Bantu) and later (Nilotic) settlers in the region constructed about 520 enclosures in 139 localities in the Lake Victoria region. Here, will be a chance to see the last remnants of a highly civilised people that once lived by the lake.

Attend The Annual LakeTurkana Cultural Festival

You probably have just been hearing about the El Molo, Rendille, Samburu, Turkana, Dassanach, Ghabra, Borana, Konso, Wata and the Burji but have never seen them. Paying a visit to this fast-growing cultural event that every year brings more than 10 tribes that call the Lake Turkana region home, can give you a glimpse into the ways of life of these fascinating tribes – some of them like the El Molo, on the verge of extinction.

For 3 days of traditional song and dance in a chilled, international atmosphere, the cultural dance is a must-see before you hit 40.

Visit the Desert Lake of Turkana

Also known as the Jade sea, the desert lake of Turkana is the largest desert lake in the world stretching for more than 250km – longer than the Kenyan coast. The lake boasts the world’s single largest crocodile population and these are not just ordinary crocodiles. They can grow to gigantic proportions here. Check out this place, it is worth your while especially if you are the intrepid sort of traveller.

Picnic In Front of The Tallest Waterfalls in Kenya

Imagine the romantic scene that you would create as you unleash those romantic lines to your beloved one as the crescendo of the tallest water fall in the country provides a spectacular backdrop to a story few get to tell like you will. Does that not sound like something to do before 40?

Enjoy A Game of Golf While Criss-crossing The Two Hemispheres of The World

Playing golf at the Mount Kenya Safari Club in Nanyuki is a rare experience. You not only get the usual tee and birdie, but you also have a choice to do this either from the northern or the southern hemisphere at will. This is possible because the 9-hole golf course is the only course bisected by the Equator in Africa.

Travel on-board The Jambo Kenya Deluxe

The classic overnight sleeper train called the Jambo Kenya Deluxe is another must-try. On the deluxe it as if you are teleported into another time dimension when the great train rides of colonial times reigned supreme.

As you recollect your history, darkness gives way to morning and you begin to behold the beauty and splendour of Kenya’s country side as the coastal town of Mombasa begins to beckon. Just remember that the train departs from Nairobi at 7:00pm and runs twice a week all year round (it actually never leaves on the dot. Plan for 30 minutes or thereabouts delay).

Did our list surprise you? Do you have different ideas? Share them by commenting below.

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