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Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the Enchanted Travelogue writing community. You are a few steps from joining our team of travel guest writers. All the best.

Enchanted Landscapes Travelogue publishes original news content, opinion pieces, trending topics and breaking stories in the area of travel, tourism, conservation, sports tourism, eco-tourism, lifestyle and arts. Submitted articles are reviewed by our editorial team and must be written in English and published first on Enchanted Landscapes Travelogue.

The advantages of writing for Enchanted Landscapes Travelogue:

  1. Free advertising
  2. Viral marketing
  3. Boost your personal and business credibility
  4. Bring traffic to your site
  5. Generate sales and leads without having a site
  6. Exposure to hundreds of thousands of Enchanted Landscapes’ visitors
  7. Reach the unreachable
  8. Get continuous traffic to your website for years
  9. Join one of the fastest growing blogs in Kenya (We were recently nominated for Best Travel Blog at the BAKE awards 2013)

In case you need further help or clarification about our writer guidelines please email our Editor. If you are OK with this, please take 5 minutes to submit our 2-step writer application below.

  1. The first step in this application is to submit a sample TRAVEL article via our article submission form. This will be used by our editors to evaluate your eligibility as a guest writer for Enchanted Landscapes Travelogue. We only accept articles on Kenyan travel.
  2. The second step involves an approval sent to you via the email you provided during your article submission within 48 hours. This approval confirms to you that you can go ahead and sign-up for an account with us. Once we receive details of your verified account, we will elevate the account’s status to allow you to begin posting articles on our blog using your User ID and password. Remember to indicate your Registration Purpose as WRITER. We will not publish your sample article without your approval.

Remember to complete your writer bio within your profile after login in. This appears at the bottom of all articles submitted by you and is a way of marketing yourself by talking a little bit about yourself. Make your bio as punchy and catchy as possible!

Thank you once more for your interest in writing with Enchanted Landscapes Travelogue. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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3 Responses to Write For EL Travelogue

  1. Enchanted Landscapes Traveller says:

    We are now paying for article submissions. For every 800-word article you submit that we use on our travelogue, you earn yourself KES 1,000.00. Remember to include original photos with your article. This photo should be yours and the article should be your own original work that has not been published before. It should be a real story about real events and places. We wish you all the best and put the word out there in the street! To submit your article use this form /elforms/f_submit_article/

  2. wilnnlight says:

    I love your conceptual info. I travel lots especially in Kenya, but also around the world especially European countries, but well interested in writing about Kenya, especially Embu in eastern Kenya where i travel most and around mt.Kenya.

    • Fantastic. We see you have just completed stage 2 of becoming a contributor on Enchanted Landscapes Travelogue. Quality is of essence when writing for our travel blog. We are particular about grammar, originality and your ability to tell an engaging story – having said that, we are not perfect but if these things lack in your submissions then know you stand a slim chance of ever getting featured here. Otherwise we look forward to having you on board soon. The final stage (3) now is to submit an article (use this link) which will be used to judge the elevation of your new user account to one that can enable you publish content on our blog.

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